City of Neuquén: bicycle stations are being installed at the ETON and at the Central Park and two more stations are expected already.


Soon, the citizens will be able to take a bike at the terminal and leave it at the City center. The two new stations are in their last building stage. What’s more, two more stations are planned, one to be located at the new Municipality of the west and the other at the Comahue University.

Marcelo Bermúdez, Government and Coordination Secretary, announced that soon these two new stations will be opened, which together with those located at ETON and at the Center will add 40 more bicycles to those 20 already in Island 132.

He added: “the purpose is to provide citizens with another means of transport in addition to the car, the public transport, the taxi and the motorcycle. We have a young population that can acquire this good habit of riding a bicycle not only as a recreational or sporting activity but also as a daily means of transport”.

Bermúdez further claimed: “because we want that people’s use of bicycles as a means of transport grow, we are opting for the construction of more stations and more kilometres of paths for bikes (bicicendas) and bicycle lanes (ciclovías)”. He also announced that the agreement to build two more stations has been entered into, “one will be built at the Municipality of the West and the other at the University”.

What’s more, he said: “We want to impose it, we aim at expanding this network of stations that will allow. for example, those who go by Avenida del Trabajador to continue going by Moritán up to the railways, from which they could go to the center, and to connect with the network of Parque Norte or Isla 132. We are planning to safely expand this project”.

The Secretary of Urban Mobility, Fabián García, brought back the fact that the execution of the stations arose from an agreement with Casino Magic under the Company’s Social Liability Programme. He further said: “Owing to the agreement entered into with Casino Magic, we are able to carry out this second and third station with 40 bicycles that allow us to connect the Parque Central with ETON by means of the bicicendas, which, soon, they will be fully illuminated”. He also highlighted the fact that this system currently works in the Isla 132 and that in order to use #SiBici, people have to download the App. “Currently we have 1,500 users and it keeps raising, we hope that more people will download the app and subscribe”, he said.

Translator: Victoria Suárez