Municipalities of Cordoba agreed on the location of the new landfill.


At the meeting held on Monday morning in Ordóñez, the heads of the municipalities and communes that are part of the‘Comunidad Regional del Departamento de la Unión’ agreed to set up in their jurisdiction two landfills, one in Bell Ville and the other one in Laborde-Pascanas. They also decided to established two transfer centres in the towns of Cintra and Canals; these centres together are now part of the general project Justiniano Posse a big transfer station project.

The offer that was made by the Municipality was accepted. This decision granted a space for one of the regional landfills. The location of the landfill was chosen by a study regarding the feasibility of the land-use study that was made by the Ceamse long time,this study was funded by the community themselves

Carlos Briner the mayor, with his peers in the department, the Secretary of Environment and Climate Change, Javier Britch, presented at the meeting, the "Project Notice and Environmental License of the Department's Regional Landfill Union for the treatment of urban solid waste".

They clarified in their presentation that the project is part of the provincial program of the Secretariat of Environment and Climate Change, "which comes to organize and give a final solution to the problem that open-pit garbage generates in the ‘ Departamento de la Unión’.

Due to the importance and urgency to start the construction they requested to the provincial unit "the early release of the environmental license of the respective project, in order to continue with the continued progress of the completion of the project and its early implementation, as final objective Regional Community of the Union Department."

Bell Ville wanted also to highlight that at Monday's meeting, Briner was accompanied by the director of Bromatology and Sanitation of the municipality, Ernesto Borrageros.

Translator: Marta Mugica