The Municipality of Corrientes will install fixed green points in the neighborhood delegations.


In the delegations metal baskets will be located where the neighbors will be able to deposit plastics PET and dry aluminum cans, clean and crushed.

The program is implemented by the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development.
To start this activity, officials and promoters dependent on the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development, with the collaboration of staff of the municipal delegation, carried out an environmental “timbreo" for the sector, in order to raise awareness in the community of the importance of separating the waste.

"Since the beginning of the administration headed by Mayor Eduardo Tassano, we are working on the diagnosis of urban solid waste," the secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of the municipality, Julio Bartra, said at the presentation of the neighborhood green points.

The official said that this new green point will work in the hours usually offered by the delegation, and said that from now on, "the neighbors have the possibility to bring their solid waste, and among all we have to work to improve the environment and generate genuine labor for Corrientes ".
Regarding the waste collected in the municipal office, the official explained that "they will be approached to cooperatives or civil society organizations so that from there they can be incorporated into the formal economy circuit". For his part, Councilman Fabián Nieves, who accompanied the environmental day, said that it is "taking an important step to have a more sustainable city and so that citizens can separate their waste."

In that sense, Nieves remarked that "without a cultural change that generates basic patterns of coexistence, we will not be able to eradicate open dumps or have long-term sustainable policies, that's why we are working with schools, neighborhood delegations, recycling families and with all the neighbors. "

"It seems to me a very good initiative because it is a way to take care of the environment, and this will also help to prevent the drains from being covered with the debris that falls on the street," said Alba Porcel de Peralta, a neighbor of the sector.

The lady, who was visited during the environmental “timbreo", pointed out that "as a teacher I have always worked for this and I love that from the municipality this decision is made and the neighbors are informed so that all of us in one way or another become aware. I hope that the neighbors will bend to this initiative to avoid that our environment continues to be contaminated."

For its part, Estela Ferreyra, also neighbor of the sector, said that "the measure is spectacular, is something that was needed, both in the neighborhood and in the city, so from now on everything that is plastic and aluminum I will take to deposit in the delegation ".

"Until now everything was in a bag to carry the garbage collector, but this to be able to have a place to deposit this type of waste will come very well to all," she concluded.

Translator: Ana María Blanco