The Cámbium Foundation from Misiones and the RAMCC entered into a new agreement.


The signing of the agreement was executed as part of the works that have been carried out together with the Misiones province.

The execution of the agreement was completed during the Conference on Climatic Financing Tools for Municipalities, which took place on May 2nd in the city of Posadas and was organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources overseen by Juan Manuel Díaz and the Secretary of Energy of the Misiones Province, whose Director is Sergio Lanziani. On that occasion, the activity was coordinated by the Cámbium Foundation and more than 20 Misiones municipalities signed their joining the RAMCC.

The signees of the agreement were Juan Emilio Bragado on behalf of the Cámbium Foundation and Ricardo Bertolino on behalf of the RAMCC.

Translator: Gisel Presno