Objective a million trees: specimens are delivered in Buratovich square of the city of Rosario.


Within the framework of the goal set by Rosario to reach one million trees in 2030, the Municipality will begin this Tuesday the delivery of copies free of charge.

It will be between 9 and 12 in the Plaza Buratovich, Cafferata and 3 de Febrero. Neighbors  that go out to withraw trees will also be advised on which trees are suitable according to the place where they live.

As every year, between the months of April and August, plantations and deliveries to neighbors are carried out as it is the ideal time for this task. Every week deliveries will be made in different neighborhoods of the city.

According to data from the Municipality, currently the city has 420 thousand trees in the sidewalks and green spaces. The idea is to reach a tree by Rosarino in 2030.

According to the last census, in the 15,863 streets there are a total of 219,946 copies, which yields an average of 13.86 per block. The study revealed that trees increased by 18.9% compared to the last survey, dating back a decade ago. Of all the specimens, 94.1% did not present phytosanitary problems and 96.5% did not cause interference with street lighting.

Before planting in the public road, they maintain from the Municipality, it is necessary to consult which are the suitable species to the surroundings so that they do not destroy the paths in their growth.

This advice will be given this Tuesday in the Plaza Buratovich by the staff of Parks and Walks.

Translator: Agustín Lorenzatti