More than 3,000 people have attended the training workshop on climate mitigation and adaptation action.


The greatest percentage of trained people occured within the scope of the Cycle of Web Seminars: Climate Change, Domestic Actions that Make The Difference, which was organised with Fundación Avina’s support and it’s distinguish specialists on sustainable development.

Said workshop began on April and ended on December 2018. Within those 9 months, 12 Web seminars were carried out, which aimed at gathering specialists, institutions and experiences related to topics of interest to the Local Governments and the society of Latin America.

A varied of topics related to energy (district energy systems, renewable energy -solar and geothermal- energy efficiency and management of energy) and climate change were addressed, involving not only their analysis and their technical information but also the access and the processes involved with the financing of climate action for several sectors and actors. The Purposes of Sustainable Development - 2030 Agenda (“ODS” for its spanish acronym), a broad and international theme, was also discussed.

The Project in Figures:

- Amount of Web workshops carried out: 12
- Amount of Member institutions: 17
- Amount of Speakers: 26
- Amount of people enrolled: 2,589
- Amount of Countries with people trained: 23


1. Fundación Avina;
2. Iniciativa Action Lac;
3. Godoy Cruz;
4. Environmental Protection Agency of the City of Buenos Aires (“APRA” for its spanish acronym);
5. CDP;
7. Low Carbon City;
8. Chilean Network of Municipalities Against Climate Change (“RCMCC” for its spanish acronym);
9. General Alvear;
10. Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency;
11. UN Environment;
12. District Energy in Cities Initiative;
13. National University  of La Plata (“UNLP” for its spanish acronym);
14. City of Neuquén;
15. City of Rosario;
16. National Ministry of  Energy (“Secretaría de Gobierno de Energía de la Nación”);
17. Provincial Organism for the Sustainable Development of the Province of Buenos Aires (“OPDS” for its spanish acronym);

Countries of the Participants:

1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Bolivia
4. Chile
5. Colombia
6. Dominican Republic
7. Ecuador
8. El Salvador
9. France
10. Germany
11. Honduras
12. Italy
13. Mexico
14. Nicaragua
15. Panamá
16. Paraguay
17. Perú
18. Switzerland
19. United States of America
20. Uruguay
21. Venezuela

Along with the Cycle of Web Seminars, four (4) additional webinars were carried out, (which gathered 542 assistants):

- Introduction to the Greenhouse Effect - Carried out with the support of the Embassy of Canada.

- Virtual Training in  Local Plans on Climate Action -  Carried out with the support of the Embassy of Canada.

- Think Domestically, Act Domestically - Carried out jointly with the  Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and the City of Rosario.

- Energetic Efficiency in the Mobility within Latin America.- Carried out jointly with the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and the LEDS LAC Platform.

Translator: Victoria Suárez