Government officials of six cities attached to RAMCC have gathered at the town hall of Juana Koslay to make their local plans for climate action.


Juana Koslay has been working along with RAMCC through different actions undertaken with the aim to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases.

The first step was made with the creation of Greenhouse Gases Inventory which was validated by the Global Convenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Through a local diagnosis RAMCC member municipalities have assumed the responsibility of working to provide tools for mitigating this situation which is affecting everyone. Potrero de los Funes, Estancia Grande, Juan Jorba, Tilisarao, Los Molles y Juana Koslay municipalities have gathered and they have the monitoring and accompany of technicians from RAMCC Executive Secretary.

To achieve the objectives established it is necessary all the levels of public management decide to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions. The results will be achieved from small to big scale measures that help to stop climate change in order to reduce its effects and adapt to its consequences.

Translator: Agustina Salguero