San Isidro turned off its lights to raise awareness about climate change.


Just as in the past few years, the municipality of San Isidro joined the “La Hora del Planeta”, a worldwide campaign to bring up awareness about climate change.To that effect, last Saturday the Plaza Belgrano Park in the Villa Adelina neighbourhood, turned off all its lights for one hour in order to demonstrate their commitment towards taking care to preserve the environment. 

From 19:30hrs onwards, whole families made their way to Plaza Belgrano (junction of Dean Funes and La Calandria streets) to take part in the gathering which had organised themed talks, given by the FundaciónRegenerar organization, and a workshop for children to teach them about the significance of the event and the need to preserve nature. Also, David Veliz, the singer song-writer performed a ‘’folklore’’ musical show.

“It is very important that the municipality joins this campaign which is held simultaneously in many other cities around the world.It helps us to stop and think for a moment about the impact our actions and behaviour has on the environment. When we leave a tap open, a light on or when we drop trash on the ground, these actions have a negative effect on the Universe. This is why we want to change people’s way of thinking about this issue’’ said Tomás Rodriguez, a member of the‘’Subsecretaría de EspacioPúblico de San Isidro’’, the local authority. 

And he added: “The Municipality is committed to the preservation of the environment. It is working hard towards reaching 100% of the installation of LED lighting in the whole District, as well as with the recycling of trash, taking care of its nature reserve, it’s seaside and trees’’.

When the clock turned 20.30 hrs, the parkwas left in complete darkness, apart from the dim light provided by the candles which were lit up to show the commitment towards combating climate change.

The ‘’FundaciónRegenerar’’ director, Nicolás Baca Castex, said: “The Municipality has been working for a long time towards the protection of the environment through its actions.And in our case, we helped with the program ‘Clase Verde’, which is about education on the environment implemented in the schools within the District.

The ‘’Hora del Planeta’’ was created in Sidney in 2007,  organized by the World Wildlife Fundation (WWF), which has since been able to attract the participation of 7 thousand cities and towns from 160 countries, who get together to show that a future basedon clean energy sources is possible to achieve. The objective is to generate a change in society to get them to work alongside governments, companies and individuals in the search for solutions to the environmental problems we face.

“It is also very valuable that the Municipality takes part in this initiative. It was a good opportunity to bring awareness to children as well as adults. Hopefully we will be able to continue having these gatherings for years to come”, said Karina Fernándezfrom the‘’Grupo Scout NuestraSeñora de la Pureza’’.

Holding a candle,Guillermina Hernández from Villa Adelina added: “If we all contribute with small actions, we can reduce global warming. This gathering is really important to bring awareness to everyone”.

“It was an excellent event, ideal for going with the family and bring awareness to care for the environment. I thank the Municipality for the way they have kept the Plaza Belgrano Park so beautiful, and for the way they take care of Villa Adelina. We can see the improvements on a daily basis, with work that improves the quality of life”, said Sara Suárez, a neighbour.

Translator: Fabian Chornogubsky