The RAMCC Executive Secretariat has a new management team.


The new members of the Executive Secretariat will be in charge of assembling projects that will be presented to national and international organizations to obtain resources that will allow the municipalities of the Network to implement the projects that are defined in the Local Climate Action Plans.

The interesting profiles of Nadia Mengucchi and Lucía Céspedes strengthen the high technical level of the team that coordinates the climate change activities of more than 160 municipalities in Argentina.

Nadia Mengucci received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility from the Higher School of Commerce and Development of France, and studied at the EARTH University of Costa Rica. She recently completed her Master's Degree in Law and Economics of Climate Change at FLACSO.

Lucía Céspedes graduated as an Environmental Engineer at the Universidad Católica Argentina and previously obtained the title of literary translator and scientific technician in English at the Instituto de Educación Superior N°28 Olga Cossettini

Translator: Jiovih Augustave