9 young people will travel to different destinations in Europe within the frame of the Erasmus Plus exchange program for young leaders.


More than 50 candidates from the municipalities that integrate the RAMCC submitted their applications for the Erasmus Plus exchange program contest.  The results were gotten after a selection made together with the associations that will welcome the participants.

Among the criteria evaluated were: local compromise with the municipalities, participation in organizations and youth groups, professional experience, entrepreneurial background, age limit, and communication skills in a foreign language.  Also, national representation was reinforced by distributing the opportunities throughout the municipalities in the "Red" (RAMCC).

The participants in the next exchanges are:

Francisco Rastelli - Camilo Aldao (Córdoba)
Martina Gimeno - Rosario (Santa Fe)
María Lucía Fernandez - Carmen de Patagones (Buenos Aires)

Carlos Amanquez - La Plata (Buenos Aires)
Carla Cado - Inriville (Córdoba)

Nilce Gregoret - Avellaneda (Santa Fe)
Sabrina Kriger - Piedras Blancas (Entre Ríos)

Joquín Vergara - General Alvear (Mendoza)
Soledad Colagrossi - Bell Ville (Córdoba)

The young participants will be granted with funding of airfare costs (capped to a maximum of 80%), accommodation, and food during the time required by the program.

We have submitted 5 new initiatives to renew the possibilities of exchange, and we are expecting the results by June.

As a counterpart, we will welcome members of organizations from the different countries participating in the projects, and several educations and practices will be performed in Argentina.

Translator: Javier Rodríguez