The Municipality of Salta accompanied the measurement of efficiency of transport modes.


The first Measurement of Efficiency of Transport Modes was carried out in the city of Salta, simultaneously with Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia.

The Secretary of Environment and Public Services, Gastón Galíndez, thanked "the invitation to participate in the measurement, in this case circulating by bicycle. It is highly recommended to travel by bike over short distances, not only because it is healthy but because it is sustainable and collaborates with the environment. "

And highlighted that "we must share the use of public roads and be in solidarity, and those who circulate in cars or motorcycles, slow down."

In this context, the under-secretary of Sustainable Mobility, Virginia Cornejo, said that "the Municipality supports the activities that are faced by the organizations that promote the use of the bicycle as well as the care of the environment. We are working hard to ensure that it is safe, that it is considered and respected as a mean of non-motorized mobility. Salta was a province where the bicycle could be seen through all our streets; we want to recover this use and have a sustainable city, "said the official.

On the other hand Jimena Pérez, for the “Mujeres Bici-bles” movement, highlighted the “importance of making these activities to determine actions to be carried out and promote the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport. We measure the time of four cases. The car made the journey in 20 minutes, the bicycle in 22, the motorbike in 25 and the bus in 27. This shows that for distances of 6km the bicycle is more efficient because it demands a reasonable time, it doesn´t emit gases, it´s healthy and economic.”

The challenge was made as an activity prior to the 3rd Argentine Bicycle Forum, which this year will be held in Salta on September 19 and 20.

Translator: Nair Corey