The inclusive plant nursery of Comuna Centeno keeps adding activities.


The inclusive plant nursery is placed in Centeno, San Jerónimo Department, Santa Fe Province, and it oficially started its activities in December 2017. The nursery follows Social and Solidarity Economy Principles as, on the one hand, it is considered as a space for production in which supplies and products are handled over time and the economic benefits are distributed severally among the assistants. On the other hand, the nursery operates as an area of containtment and socialization for people with different abilities and old people in which links of friendship and fraternity emerge.

Such nursery has three different job branches. One of them is the agro-ecological vegetables production which in part are destined for the assistants consumption, fostering food sovereignty, and a part of it is commercialized.  On the other hand, there is also the implementation of ornamental seedlings, cactuses and succulents and trees species that also have double future: merchandising and landscaping of public grees spaces of the city. The last branch of the job consist of the organization of green markets in such city where all the products are shown and free training seminars open to the community are offered, the last one was called: home composting.

During 2018 the nursery was elected to participate of Rosario Expocoop second edition whose motto was "To the cooperative integration for democratizing of the economy" and it was also invited to adhere to the Provincial Network of Inclusive Plant Nurseries of Municipalities in Santa Fe in search of strengthening inter and intra institutional links.

Translator: Agustina Salguero