The Municipality inaugurated a new center for the classification of recyclable waste


On the morning of this Monday, March 11, the Mayor Mónica Fein, together with the Secretary of Environment and Public Space, Marina Borgatello and the General Director of Waste Management, Mariano Ascheri, participated in the inauguration of a new center of classification of recyclable waste, which will be operated by entrepreneurs of the social economy.

"Many years ago we have been working with waste pickers, from the old sanitary landfill," began saying the Mayor and then mentioned that these entrepreneurs, who are now beginning to work in this space, became a working cooperative with the support of the Secretariat of Environment and Public Space.

"Before they were in another place where they received selected materials, now we have improved and we want them to receive the selected material from the reception centers where the orange containers are located," said Fein and remarked: "Neighbors and neighbors, increasingly separate more the waste and this serves so that they can market these products and close the virtuous circle of these resources to be able to give a more adequate end to the waste, that is not its burial, but it ends in its recycling ".

In this way, the city continues to deepen its policy of innovation in urban hygiene, which added new positive results last year: the most notable is that the amount of recyclable waste collected on public roads grew by 71%.

"One third of the waste we throw can be recovered," said Marina Borgatello, head of Environment and Public Space, adding: "Here five trucks will arrive per day, download the material that will be sorted manually, and the one that can not be recycled. will go as reject material to the landfill. "

"Wecontinue to work to generate more and betteropportunities to separatewaste in thecity," saidthe head of Environment. "One of every three people in Rosario separates and therefore we continue to invest in infrastructure and we are building the new recyclable waste treatment plant in Bella Vista that will have a processing capacity of 50 tons of recyclable materials per day and we continue to deepen public policies that have what to do with social inclusion and care for the environment, "he said.

The new space

The warehouse has an area of 730 square meters and has the necessary equipment so that entrepreneurs can perform their work without risks to their health. It has all the necessary hygiene and safety elements: new electrical installation, nine fire extinguishers and a 25-kilogram cart, fire safety and smoke sensors. Also, a two-story office with a living room, kitchen and bathroom was arranged.

Along with this brand new classification center, the new plant that is being built in the western district, on the border with Pérez, will be added, which will be operational this year and will allow 50 tons of recyclables per day to be treated (an investment of 50 million of pesos currently in execution).

The entrepreneurs

The brothers Paola Gisela Ereñú and Juan Eduardo Ereñú are part of the enterprise. "We do the recycling of the waste that arrives with trucks here, cardboard, nylon, bottles and we separate them all in pockets," Paola explained, adding "Once classified, we have several places where they buy these materials."

For his part, Juan said that they have "four years working with this venture, we started at the waste treatment plant in Bella Vista, then we started with the recovery in a place that is in Alem 4000, and now in this warehouse that is wider and has more security conditions than the other and will allow us to improve. "

The brand new barn is rented by the municipality, which accompanies the entrepreneurs in the framework of the policies it develops to promote the separation of waste.

Finally, Paola invited neighbors and neighbors to separate their waste "in the orange containers, which are for recyclable materials; you have to put packs of paper, paper, nylon, cartons, containers and glass bottles, plastic and metal containers, that is, everything that can be easily recovered. " While Juan said that you can also take recyclable items to the Seguí 3964 boulevard, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Positive numbers

Municipal authorities highlighted the positive results that the 2018 showed in terms of progress in waste separation. In this sense, in all the available modalities, the amount of recyclable materials collected compared to the previous year was increased by 40%. They also stressed that to date one in three of the population of Rosario is already separating their waste.

Of all the indicators, the most prominent one is that which emerges from the orange containers located on public roads. 4.113 tons of recyclables were collected, which represents a positive year-on-year jump of 71%.Currently 429 of these devices are installed, where neighbors can bring together paper, cardboard, containers and plastic bottles, metal containers, glass containers and bottles and clean, dry packaging.

The municipality also deploys other strategies to encourage the habit of separation. One of them is that of reception centers in institutions, which in 2018 totaled 837 (7% more than the previous year). There, too, the amount of recovered material grew: 9%. These points also become an important factor for environmental promotion and communication in their environment, and require ongoing monitoring in order to maintain and improve commitment to the initiative.

Another of the mainstays is the door-to-door differentiated pick-up service, with presence in the Central, South, South-West, North-West and North districts. It includes sectors of 27 neighborhoods and more than 3,000 blocks of route. In 2018 there was an increase of 5% in the amount of recyclables in this way.

In parallel, other proposals are being developed, such as the incorporation of consortiums for separation at source, the "Barrios Verdes" initiative, the separation into three fractions for large generators and the days of recyclable exchanges, among others.

Translator: Paula Giraudo