The municipality of Quemú Quemú is now a member of the Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change.


The municipal mayor, Alfredo Fernández, signed the adherence agreement on March 27, 2019, and Quemú Quemú became the first municipality in the province to integrate a group of over 160 argentine municipalities having an impact on 10 million inhabitants.

Founded on July 26, 1908, the town’s origin was similar to that of many towns of the region. The land was gradually fractioned throughout several development and settlement stages: first, large ranches; then,a small farmland, a small store, and hamlets; and, finally,the railway line.

A source of pure water at shallow depthwas decisivefor the creation of a first urban centre composed of adobe and metal plate ranches. Later, the agricultural economy started to flourish favoured by the qualities of the soil.

Translator: Maria Gabriela Lopez