Europe banned single-use plastic in 2021


The EuropanParlamentapproved the day after yesterday with a majority vote, the banning of single plastic use in order to fight the pollution with plastic that ends up in the forest or in water courses.

The parliament approved this policy with a majority of 560 votes vs 35. The European Union countries had already given their approval to this new measure to start. The banning that will start by 2021 will have an effect in a wide range of products that have reasonable alternatives such as, straws and earplugs.

Sustainable materials:

The single-use produces will not be completely inaccessible, but this policy orders that they should make out with sustainable materials most of the times. This project, that has been already approved, also establishes the objective of recycling 90 per cent of the plastic bottles before 2025 and reduce at least 50% the effect of the 10 most harmful products for the ocean. The UE estimated that the changes will cost around 259 y 695 million euros (291 to 781 millions of dollars) every year.

These proposals “will help us to leave behind the single plastic use and reduce its consumption. This will also allow us to have products better designs that will be using multiple times, while at the same time increase innovation and have a cleaner environment. The next step is to leave behind our culture based on waste”, said MargreteAuken, leader of the Greens/ EFA group. The European Parliament said that the production of plastics is 20 times higher these days that during 1960. The decision of China to stop the buying waste from the European Union helped them to move forward on the process of banning plastics.

Translator: Marta Mugica