San Miguel and Denmark working together against Climate Change.


Within the framework of the actions developed with the Red Argentina de Municipios frente al Cambio Climático (RAMCC) [Argentinian Municipalities against Climate Change], San Miguel received a technical international visit to star working in tandem with Denmark as regards energetic efficiency and sustainable development.

Together with different local government areas- like Environment, Public Work and Public Spaces-, Intendant Jaime Méndez received officials from the dependant institute of the United Nations UNEP-DTU and the Energy Efficiency Centre of Copenhagen, who took the district as a model case to replicate its actions in other local administrations.

UNEP-DTU Partnership is a leading international institution that focuses on energy investigation and assessment, weather and sustainable development, integrated by the Technical University of Denmark and the Programme of the United Nations about Environment.

The aim of the encounter was to establish a first approach and to tell which actions and projects are been fuelled from San Miguel Municipality as regards energetic efficiency, to seek joint work opportunities, both in technical training and in the pursuit of international funding.

Some of the actions developed by the Municipality are the replacement of LED lights, the energetic utilisation of public buildings, the rational usage of energy and the amendments of the Building Code, among others.

The international delegation that participated in the encounter was integrated by the Deputy Director of UNEP-DTU Partnership, Peter Skotner; the Officer of the Programme from the Energy Efficiency Centre of Copenhagen (UNEP-DTU Partnership), Aristeidis Tsakiris; the Head of the Energy Efficiency Centre of Copenhagen (UNEP-DTU Partnership), Gabriela Prata Días, and the Executive Assistant of RAMCC, Ricardo Bertolino.

Translator: Sofia Degraf