9 Municipalities in the region participated in the Camilo Aldao Climate Action Plan Development Workshop.


The activity was carried out in Camilo Aldao, province of Cordoba under the sponsorship of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and within the framework of the activities proposed by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy to promote local-based climate action. The participating municipalities were:

- Arias, Cordoba

- Armstrong, Santa Fe

- Arteaga, Santa Fe

- Camilo Aldao, Córdoba

- Chañar Ladeado, Santa Fe

- Cruz Alta, Córdoba

- Inriville, Cordoba

- Los Surgentes, Córdoba

- Villa Eloisa, Santa Fe

With the moderation of the RAMCC technical team, the key criteria for the elaboration of these PLACs were established during the day and the main lines of action to be taken by each of the municipalities were established. It was also an opportunity to review the actions already undertaken by the municipalities and analyze their results. The regional character of the workshop also made it possible to identify common challenges and exchange experiences, good practices, ideas and projects, which undoubtedly enriched the dialogue enormously.

The results of the work carried out during the day will serve as input for the subsequent work that each municipality will undertake, being the basis for the consolidation of its PLAC. Months of work of consolidation and revision of the actions that could be included in these plans are ahead. Work that should take as principles, the INTEGRATION of all municipal areas, the AMBITION in the reduction of emissions and the COMMITMENT to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE of the towns.

The Municipality of Camilo Aldao took the opportunity to present the project they are carrying out to remodel their municipal building to improve its energy efficiency. The project was developed by a local team that participated in the training provided by the University of Buenos Aires in partnership with RAMCC. The project was divided into 3 stages and the first two have already been executed. The members of the team shared with the rest of the attendees a summary of the improvements obtained, as well as details of the consumption reductions generated and the associated benefits brought by their implementation.

Translator: Jiovih Augustave