“Yes to a clean river” In San Isidro, 2700 kg (6000 pounds) or recyclables were collected.


With the goal of raising awareness among the community about the importance of proper waste management and promote environmental care the “Yes to a clean river” campaign began, in which the neighbors are invited to collaborate in the cleaning of the coast.

The event was organized by the Municipality and a few environmental NGOs, where 2700 kg (6000 pounds) of recyclable materials were collected. The Mayor, Gustavo Posse also was part of the activity.

"We give great importance to the care of the riverbank and we want to raise awareness about it. Many times the river brings garbage from all sides and together, with the NGOs and volunteers, here we are to eliminate the plastics from the coast: one of the evils of this era of humanity", said Posse.
And added: "We are preserving this beautiful place, which is a natural coast, to enjoy outdoors as a family".

Leandro Martín, Undersecretary of  Public Space, explained that the days of waste collection are fundamental: "We propose to all the neighbors to clean and take care of the coast together. We also take the opportunity to tell people about the importance of disposing of our waste well, not throwing anything into the river, nor the street, or what can be generated when you take the garbage out at the wrong time".

"It seems to me a very good initiative, which should be done everywhere. The issue of pollution is getting worse, it's not a myth it's a reality. I think with continual work we can get better results", said Fernando Valdez, who came to participate from the west zone.
At his side, his cousin Rodrigo Valdez, from San Isidro, said: "There is a lot to be done and it isn't easy to do everything in one day, but this is a great way to take care of the environment."

“I'm really happy about what's being done. It's awesome that everyone can be part of it and what the Municipality is doing ", concluded Carlos Sarapua, from Beccar.

This project will continue to be made on the third Saturday of each month and all those interested in participating can do so. It is recommended to wear closed shoes and gloves.

Translator: Elizabeth León