Members of the Executive Secretariat of the RAMCC visited the commune of Chovet.


The meeting was attended by the executive director of the RAMCC, Ricardo Bertolino, the administrative secretary, Sebastián Coronado and Eugenio Bernabei, advisor to the Departmental Senator, Lisandro Rudy Enrico

During the visit, those present discussed the importance of the participation of the communal government in the Network, where experiences are exchanged and actions are planned in conjunction with other municipalities in the province and the country. The need to have a diagnosis of local greenhouse gas emissions, which will serve to define mitigation strategies and adaptation to climate change, was also reiterated.

The town has a long history in environmental work, and was visited by national and international specialists who highlighted the high level of citizen participation in issues such as the management of solid urban waste. It was also the birthplace of the international movement of Ecoclubs, which was attended by a large number of young people who stood out for their commitment, which led them to present their experience not only throughout the country but also in other countries of the Region and Spain.

Translator: Agustín Lorenzatti