With the recycling from ‘Lollapalooza’, trees will be planted in the district of San Isidro.


“This festival has a recycling program called Rock & Recycle which work alongside a Non Profit Org.The idea is that they recycle the plastic, aluminium, glass, cardboard and paper, and with the proceeds they get trees for us to plant across the district, with the selected species being chosen by the municipality. There will be trees such asash, jacaranda mimosifolia, and other local species, as the sub-secretary for public spaces from the municipality, Leandro Martín, explained. (SeeProgram “Rock &Recycle”.) 

And he added: “This way we lower our ecological footprint which is usually left behind by all the products consumed during these type of popular mass events and leads to us being able to have a better district in terms of nature”.

Trees have a very important role in the environment of urban life. Among the benefits experienced, having trees help to maintain a natural environment, they generate more oxygen and better water absorption by the soil during rain. 

“At the same time, the municipality will increase the quantity of containers-bins (260) and the presence of personnel in parks and train stations nearby where there will be more concentration of people so as to keep San Isidro clean, Leandro Martín said.

Program “Rock &Recycle”

The aim of Rock & Recycle for this year’s festival is to optimize the collection of recyclable products at source, to reduce the environmental footprint and to help with the reforestation of local species of trees in our open spaces.

At the Rock & Recycle Point, they will exchange a  ‘LollaCashless’ credit wristband for each bag of recyclable materials handed in.They will hand out a bag with the logo Rock & Recycle to collect recyclable products at the festival and thus helping to keep the environment clean.This way, the staff on-site will be able to carry out the separation by product type more securely.

At the same time, anyone wishing to separate their own products, whether involved in the programor not, will be able to approach the Rock & Recycle stand, and someone will be at hand to help and take care of it.

During last year’s event, a total of 32 tons of glass were recycled as well as 2300 kg of plastic, 550 kg of cardboard and paper and 1500 kg of aluminium.

Translator: Fabián Chornogubsky