Solar panels provide clean energy for the municipal building of Malabrigo.


This investment is one of several actions the municipality is carrying out in order to reduce their greenhouse gases emission, and to continue to improve the services provided to their community within the frame of their Local Environmental Action Plan. This plan includes new renewable energy establishments in different areas of the municipality, as well as continuing the replacement of public lighting with LED technology, and other energy efficiency measures. To compliment these actions, residue management constructions with energy harnessing are being planned, as well as the improving and expanding of the urban woodland. It is because of the actions listed above, that Malabrigo is considered an ECOCITY.

This year, the city finds itself in a process of revision, expansion, and consolidation of a new version of this plan; which incorporates measures that will prepare it for the challenges Climate Change will put it through, as well as concrete actions to reduce the emission of gases like the installing of PV panels.  This is the reason why during February, technical advisors from the RAMCC met with the quartermaster, and the different areas of the municipality to analyze the actions being carried out as a whole, and those that should be planed and implemented to reinforce local environmental action.


Translator. Rosario Soubrié