RAMCC has signed a cooperation agreement with the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires.


The signing was developed in the framework of the launching of the international contest “Green Latin America Awards”, to which RAMCC also joined to collaborate in the dissemination.

The delivery of 2018 Edition awards of this important regional contest took place in a crowded lounge called “Never Again”, located in the annex of the Honourable Chamber of Senators of the Province of Buenos Aires.

About the Green Latin America Awards

This award spreads the knowledge of socioenvironmental experiences that help to dynamize the green economy around the world and speciallyin the region.

Every year there are around 3,000 projects, programmes or ideas from several countries of Latin America. Annually, only the best 500 proposals are awarded regarding their impact, scope, projection and innovation.

The categories in which enterprisers orientate their projects are: Water, Forests and Flora, Biodiversity and Fauna, Human Development, Social Inclusion and Inequality Reduction, Energy, Sustainable Finance, Urban Management, Solid Waste Management, Oceans, and Responsible Production and Consumption.

These topics were designed by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which is part of the global commitment that aims to eliminate poverty and guide the world on a sustainable path towards inclusive development.


As a first term, the Executive Director of Green Latin America Awards, Bianca Dager Jervis sent a message to the audience, describing “today we are together, regardless the ideologies of each one, committed to making a better world, fighting against the pollution and consolidating a sustainable economy”.

“We seek an integration of the public and private sectors, focusing on a common aim, to make visible the cause of protection of our planet”, she added.

Later, the Advisor of the RAMCC Executive Secretariat, the engineer Orlando Costa, prioritised the needto deepen in a sustainable development. He explained that it is important to “coordinate actions among all the sectors to improve the quality of life of the people”.

Orlando Costa called for joint work in order to achieve a transformation in the actual world. He aggregated that “we must promote the prosperity, eradicate poverty and reduce the inequality”. Costaput the attention on the inconveniences that currently hit the planet. He mentioned that “there is a problem between the climate change and the natural resources”.

Thus, he considered an innovation in the public management and the commitment of the citizensas indispensable “to put into practice ideas that contribute to the care of the planet”.

The Head of the Union of the South American and Mercosur Parliamentarians, the Senator Emiliano LasalaRaparaz, called the partnership between the public and the private sector as strategic, “for us, the alliance with those businessmen who advocate the fight for saving our planet is indissoluble”.

“We are going to support all the actions, as well as committing ourselves from the Legislature to join forces for living in a better world”, he summarized.

The Executive Director of the Provincial Agency for the Sustainable Development, Licentiate Rodrigo Aybar, showed his conviction in the articulation of all the society strata.

Aybar also highlighted the decision of Governor Vial tocontribute to sustainable development. He commented that“she took the measure to join to the agenda of the fight for a better world, and for this we set up environment working groups with all 135 municipalities of the province”.

He then warned that “the fight for a better world is not achieved only with the support of the State”.

The Minister of Production, Javier Tizado, paid special attention to the challenge that the province faces in terms of competitiveness. “That must be done based on a sustainable development criterion”, he emphasised.

The Minister remarked how auspicious it is to “award the pioneers, the entrepreneurs who innovate for a healthier world”. “We will increasingly have companies that will use renewable energies with the premise of taking care of the planet”, he predicted.

“Production can be planned to grow in a sustainable way -he continued- and it will generate greater competitive advantages, for example, the possibility of transforming waste into energy”.

Subsequently, the Head of the area of Science, Technology and Innovation, Jorge Elustondo, argued that in the province the priority is the care of the environment, “it does matter to us the productive corridors that move along in one direction or another, it does matter to us whether there is a proposal of productive models with sustainable development or without it, it does matter to usalso the existence of open landfills or they are eradicated and therefore there would be a looking for alternatives in their recycling”.

“We are the only province that has its Science and Technology area, which allows us to work on the layout and planning of our economy”, he emphasised.

Late, the Vice Governor, Daniel Salvador, remarked the benefit that would represent accentuate the change of paradigm in the characteristics of the investments, explaining that “these investments should aim the generation of jobs and be sustainable projects”.

“We need to have a country with clear rules, a country integrated into the world”, he pointed out. “And in this way,we must not lose the aim of preserving the environment”.

Salvador considered that the production must be ‘intimately’ linked to everything concerning the care of the planet. He assured the commitment of the Buenos Aires authorities in the promotion of mechanisms and methods that serve those aims. “Our province was neglected for many years, but today we must work hard to accentuate and deepen the potential of our territory”, he said. Finally, he was emphatic affirming that “cultural modifications are the only ones that remain standing beyond the political processes”.

Next, it was carried out the signing of Strategic Alliance Agreements between Green Latin America Foundation, Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires, Ministry of Production of the Province of Buenos Aires, Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province of Buenos Aires, Union of South American and Mercosur Parliamentarians, and Civil Association of Climate Action Network.

They also signed an understanding of collaboration between the Chamber of Senators of the Province of Buenos Aires and RAMCC.

The Ambassador of the Green Latin America in Argentina, Cristina Arena, said “I feel we are leading a milestone, we work every day for a fairer, equal world, striving for a sustainable planet”.

Subsequently, the awards were given to theprojects of our country selected for the 2018 Edition Green Latin America Awards.

The last module of the meetingconsisted in an instance of debate in technical panels with two thematic triggers: “The way towards a Green Economy: contributions from public and private sectors,”, and “Impact Projects: leading a green future”.

Translator: Javiera Beatriz Céspedes Tapia