Morón officials welcomed Danish professionals who visited Argentina as part of the delegation led by the Queen of Denmark.


A few months ago Morón became part of the RAMCC (Argentine Network of Municipalities facing Climate Change) and began to plan joint actions on environmental issues. This Monday, during the visit of Queen Margarita II of Denmark to the country, a group of professionals had conversations with local authorities about the environmental and energy projects carried out in the district.

The Copenhagen Center collaborates with the United Nations and seeks to provide support to the municipality. The topics to be addressed are: public lighting, energy situation in public buildings, district energy (producing centralized thermal energy and distributing it through pipes to buildings that need cooling or heat), and mobility.

" Intendant Ramiro Tagliaferro's vocation is to continue incorporating tools to strengthen our policies in a fundamental area for management. Today's meeting with representatives from Denmark will be important to boost all the work we have been accomplishing," said the Undersecretary of Management, Natalín Faravelli.

Translator: Luciana Sulmone