Salta endorsed its commitment to protect the environment


The Council of Salta participated in the National Assembly of Mayors organized by the Network of Argentine Councils Fighting Climate Change (RAMCC being the Spanish acronym), which took place a few days ago in the town of San Lorenzo, province of Santa Fe. Within this framework, the Commune endorsed its commitment to protect the environment and, as a consequence, to tackle climate change.

Representing the Council was Gastón Galíndez, head of the Ministry on Environmental Matters and Public Services (Secretaría de Ambiente y ServicioPublicos). He had the opportunity to participate in the different workshops taking place throughout the day. Galíndez also spoke with officers from the whole country in order to consolidate different strategies and agreements in the subject matter. At the end of the assembly, it was announced that the organization’s Plan of Climate Action will be known in the coming months.

Once the activities were over, Galíndez mentioned that in this meeting “a commitment was made regarding the existing inventory of greenhouse gases to develop a Plan on Climate Action which will be introduced soon.” The Minister then stressed the fact that “the National Assembly decided to include the city of Salta to become part of the Council of Mayors for their work so far.”

The Mayor of San Lorenzo, Leonardo Raimundo, stated that “between seventy and eighty mayors and communal presidents from several parts of the country” travelled to the province of Santa Fe to attend this meeting. He claimed that “Council policies are essential in the battle against climate change and they can be applied to an urban scale and take on the collective commitment to contribute in mitigating this global issue.”

In the meantime, the president of the RAMCC, Ricardo Bertolino, stated that “the Argentine Network is the first in Latin America to set out to reach a level of 18% less emissions regarding those reached in 2014.” Moreover, he declared that the challenge in the coming years will consist of “finding a way of adapting”, given that “climate change is a reality in our planet.”

Translator: Camila Ledo