In Venado Tuerto, the construction of the future biogas station advances in a steady pace.


The installment is being constructed by a contractor in a venue located in Route 8, kilometer 376, near the factory of Nidera.

It will be a model factory that will generate biogas as electric input, a project made through bidding of the national plan Renovar 2 which was supported by the current municipal management.

The entrepreneurship is, along with the the Italian company BTS, in charge of the design and construction of two facilities in Venado Tuerto and Pergamino, both of which will require a global investment close to US$22 million. They will generate 4.4 megawatts of energy from biomass coming from organic waste, mainly chala and marlo de maíz and guano from poultry production.

Together with the governor from Venado Tuerto, there were the Secretary of Public Work, Pablo Rada,  the councilman, Patricio Marenghini and E.E.R.R. and Redes de Desarrollo Local’s  coordinator, Lorenzo Pérez, whose participation was key to consolidate the enterprise. All of them listened the explanations of  the engineer Nicolás Fernández, chief of civil work, carefully.

Públic and Private.

During the tour, the Intendent considered that “this is a construction progress that makes us thrive, it is an enterprise that is been achieved after a lot of fighting and by the linkage of the private and public, with a large investment in an installment that will be a blueprint and that is today in process.”

This installation will generate clean energy and most of all, job opportunities for people in Venado Tuerto. In the progress of an environmentally sustainable city, this is a huge landmark” asserted Freyre.

Between this unstoppable movement of machines and human resources, which are involved in concreting tasks, the touring to the construction showed a second digester (post-fermentation) of four meters high running, which will have a capacity of 110 m3. The next step will be the building of stalls and intern paths that will link with Ruta 8.

“We are making the whole area from collected biomass, which will be finished by the end of March for the trucks to come with the grains. Our building deadline is last days of June” said Fernández.

The collected material will be derived by conveyor to a crushing area and then pumped into the digesters. Once fermented, it will be sent to the generators and the energy produced will enter the voltage line.
The waste, meanwhile, will go to a treatment pool, then to a retention lagoon and finally to the drainage.

Established deadline.

“This is the first step of the construction of the civil work, which will be finished by June. Next week there will arrive the generating equipments, which is a more technical step. According to the commitment with (most of) Cammesa, this factory should be generating biogas and connected to the network by the end of September or October, if the work plan is fulfilled as established”, said Professor Pérez, who made emphasis in the wiring of the high-voltage network made by the Electric Cooperative in the venue of the future factory.

“This factory will put us in one of the best positions as regards sustainable cities, and it makes us proud. There was an effort made by our staff and the intermediate entities. The investing company was left satisfied with Venado Tuerto and the whole area by the way in which they were welcome and they are already thinking about other investments” said the Intendant Freyre, pointing out, among other things, the generation of job positions “in these times of recession and economic adjustment”.

It is worth noting that to the 60 direct employees that the building requires, there must be added the indirect job positions, from inputs, services and transport suppliers to other contributions.

Translator: Sofía Degraft