The new municipal head office of Tilisarao has been inaugurated, which possess a sustainable and modern construction.


During the opening ceremony, the mayor ofthe municipality, Jorge Fernández, thanked the “inestimable contribution of the province Government to the municipality”.

The municipal buildingof Tilisarao is a cutting-edge building with sustainable characteristics that makes it “the most modern building of the province”, as it was described by the governor Alberto Rodríguez Saá during the ceremony, in which he was to get her with the mayor Jorge Fernández.

“This is an unforgettable day that will remain in history, because it is a day where we make our dreams come true and we have made it together, with thee ffor to fthe Government and the municipality, with local workers, in an emblematic place ofthe municipality and in a city as Tilisarao that deserveit”, thanked the leader.

On his be half, the mayor thanked to every worker, architects and the UOCRA for the collaboration with the group, and added: “I just want to thank the Governorof the province of San Luis, and let him know that he will find the biggest consideration and respecton the part of the mayor and all then eigh bours of the municipality”.

The brand-new “Municipal Palace” costan investment of $15 million. It has a surface of 200 square meters, placed in anemblematic spot where the municipality was based in it sorigin 114 yearsago, surroundedbygreenspaces and nexttotherailroad.

The building possessessustainabletechnology.Itcountson a thermicclimatizationsystem, a greencoverageof 450 squaremeters, rainwaterrecovery, glasswindowsprotectedbyanexposedbrick parasol, next-generationelevator, LED illumination, high-speed WiFi and a monitoring system with security cameras. The main idea wastomake a building that facilitates the protection of the environment.