Four new municipalities join to RAMCC


The leadership of local Argentine governments is an issue as important as the fight against climate change is undeniable. In that sense, new mayors join to RAMCC, a network including over 160 municipalities, where over 10 million people live.

This week, with the incorporation agreements signed by Mayors Daniel Rubén Martina from San Guillermo (Santa Fe Province,) Nicolás Di Fonzo from Villa El Chocón (Neuquén Province,) Alfredo Grube from Puerto Esperanza (Misiones Province,) and Waldomiro Dos Santos from San Vicente (Misiones Province,) the RAMCC has achieved the highest number of registered local governments that coordinate their actions and report their results to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, a space comprised by over 9,500 municipalities worldwide.

Joining to RAMCC means to assume a commitment for the Mayors to draft their Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the strategy to lower emissions, and a plan to adapt to climate change. Moreover, all adhering municipalities pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in a percentage at least equal to that agreed on by the national government under the Paris Agreement, as amended by further Conferences of the Parties.

Due to the integration of new municipalities and the commitment assumed by all mayors participating in this space before the international conventions, RAMCC has become a consultation body for international organizations addressing climate change, which improves the possibility to receive resources from existing funds for the implementation of adaptation and mitigation projects.

Translator. Emiliano Estevarena