The Greenhouse gases inventory from Rauch was globally approved


The event was chaired by the representatives of the Network, with the participation of the Municipal Mayor Maximiliano Suescun and the Environment Director Diana Bacigalupe, among others.

There, the responsible of the Network gave a talk about Climate Change and the presentation of the report was made. Days ago, the Environment area received the news about the Argentine Network of Municipalities approval; as well as by the Global Pact of Mayors for Climate and Energy. The latter offered two stamps of four. The first one for the Municipality Commitment and the other one for the

Approved of the Report.

This diagnosis, plus the vulnerabilities identification and the municipality climatic risks will be the basis of definition of the Local Climate Action Plan. It´ll seek to reduce the emissions of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect and minimize the risks of the population versus the extreme climatic phenomena that may occur in the locality.

It should be noted that the Global Pact of Mayors for Climate and Energy is a global alliance of cities and local governments voluntarily engaged in the fight for climate change, reducing it´s inevitable impact and facilitating access to a sustainable energy for everyone.

The Environment Director, in dialogue with Prensa Municipal, said “It´s very important for us, because the Global Network has given us a place in their web which help us to find green financing. We already have an ongoing project, now we´ll go forward global financing”.

Translator: Nair Corey