Chacabuco continue defining their Climatic Action Plan from now to 2030


People such as Pablo Atencio, Subsecretatio of Environment and Urban development, Alfredo Zuccotti who works closely with Renewable Energies, and the Concejales, Lisando Herrera y Rodolfo Serritella attended to the event. Emanuel Ayala that is currently working on the Red Argentina of Municipios fighting against Climate Change also attended the conference.

A brief explanation of the Climate and Energy Worldwide Agreement of Mayors was carried out at the beginning of the workshop. This international movement, where more than 9.200 cities are participating (including Chacabuco), came up with a process to develop climate plans formed by four steps: the compromise of the local government, the elaboration of the baseline or diagnosis (this includes the Greenhouse gas inventory_ GEI- and an evaluation of climatic risks), the definition of the climate adaptation and mitigation objectives and, the action plan where the actions that the local government was to take by 2030 are specified. Chacabuco has already finished the two first steps and this workshop was developed in order to work on the last two.

The limit of greenhouse gases emissions by 2030 has been establishedat 336.203 tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e). This limit means san 18% less of emissions from the first scenery modelled.

To reach this objective, the decisions that were taken on the Strategic Urban Cachabuco Plan were discussed. Some of the actions that have been planned and are going to be carried out are:

• Solar panel installation 400 kWpen O’Higgins (PROINGED).

• Photovoltaic installation in Jardin or O’Higgins de 1,6 kWp

• Two Photovoltaic installations in Mariápolisof 16 kWpand 8 kWp.

• 0,3 kW aerogenerator on Cuch- Cucha school

• Public lighting plan. Change of lighting for LED technology. Currently, there are around 450 LED lights in a 5.000 total.

• Energy efficiency plan in public buildings.

• Policy changes for the construction of energy efficient buildings

• Municipal field of 40 hectares between road 7 and Río Salado. Project idea: Evaluation of the area for future generation of energy through wind energy, solar panels and or hydraulic energy.

• Sustainable mobility plan based on the construction of cycling paths

• Construction of a linear park on the railways that will optimizes communication between localities.

• Increase the coverageareaon thestart of the separationsystem

• Encourage thought environmental education the generation of compost at home

• Optimize the waste on the sewer systems

Regarding Climate change adaptation measures, the municipality has developed an emergency plan, that comprises a social vulnerability plan and constructions to avoid waterlogging due to intense precipitation.

From all the actions already taken the work will continue to make Chacabuco municipality able to finish their Climatic Action plan. This will show the compromise that the RAMCC has to continue positioning Argentina as a leading country in climate actions.

Translator: Marta Mugica