It has been launched a report about the benefits of some provinces to invest in renewable energy.


That is how the first edition of Provincial Index of Renewable Attraction (IPAR in Spanish) emerges, an indicator undertaken by UBA School of Economics in collaboration with the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Department of Financial Ministry.

Thus, it emerged that Buenos Aires, San Juan, Córdoba, Chubut, Catamarca and Mendoza are the best attractive for the development of renewable energies through the application of this tool that combines the level of development of renewables energies in each jurisdiction along with the potential investor

The assistant secretary  of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency explained that IPAR is "a tool for decision making in the public as well as empresarial area which points to the main opportunities and barriers to invest in renewable energies projects of different Argentinian provinces."

This job, as highlighted by an Energy Secretary official "pretends to evidence, improve and promote national and  provincial management in the subject", so it aims to become a referential tool for industry players.

This report, which was realized with the support of the Circle of Environmental Policies, was created through the use of 27 variables that cover regulatory, fiscal and institutional aspects from the current normative as well as technological matters of resources use and building development in each jurisdiction.

The regular publication will be sex-monthly and in future editions new testing parameters that reflect gradually the impact of implemented actions at a sub-national level will be incorporated to make jurisdictions more attractive in the development of renewable energies.

This report includes an analysis of regulatory, fiscal and institutional aspects of each jurisdiction however it also analyzes the evaluation of technologies implementation, the use of resources and the building development.

The National Law 27.191 is the normative framework allowing the large scale incorporation of energy from renewable sources, and today 126 projects have been added. Among them, 30 have already joined commercial transaction and 96 are under construction by a power of 4.593 MW and an investment of more than 6.800 million of dollars.

Translator: Agustina Salguero