San Antonio de Areco advances in waste management and seeks to set trends in the Region.


The San Antonio de Areco open dump has suffered a big mismanagement influenced by a flood on December 2009, with a large amount of waste dispersed in and out the premises due to the river and its runoff.

On December 2011, the premises where the San Antonio de Areco open dump was located was intruded by more than 20 families who had their informal activities and lived in settlements within it.

The biggest fire register in the open dump in the last 10 year was on January 2012, lasting more than a week and scattering on the surrounding areas for more than a month.

Informal workers were relocated, which meant a conjoint effort between several municipal secretariats to approach the issue with Social Inclusion, Health (due to the garbage handling many people developed diseases and breathing problems) and Housing.
The municipality started to daily cover the urban solid waste with soil from the cleaning of the Areco river bed.

In March 2013 was sign the first agreement with Buenos Aires for the purchase of tools (mechanical shovel, irrigation machine, wood chipper and others tools) and the building of a floor on the 612 m2 warehouse existing to start with the waste separation.

In July 2016, the works to awareness and management of the solid urban waste began.
 Installation of 200 trash cans
 Provision of 200 waste containers (3x3 mts)
 3 Dump trucks
 6 Rear loaders
 6 Tractors/ Front loaders
 1 Sweeping Truck
 1 Sewer Cleaner Truck

In December 2017 the municipality began negotiations to sign an agreement with CEAMSE (Ecological Coordination of the Metropolitan Area of the Society of the State) for the final disposal of the solid urban waste on the North Environmental Complex III. Said agreement was sign to two months later.
 The premises of the former dump began to be use as a transfer center;
 The existing warehouse, on the former dump, was conditioned (Structure and electrical installation);
 A conveyor belt was acquired for the separation of the solid urban waste, which was installed on the existing warehouse.

In March 2018, the disposal of solid urban waste on the former dump was forbidden. 

Campaigns for awareness in schools and neighborhoods started.
Garbage recollection campaigns, along with several ONG's, provided:
 2 green points in public spaces;
 17 sets of colored recyclable trash cans were put in educational establishments and coastal;
 8 sets of colored recyclable trash cans were put in parks.

Lastly in December 2018, 10 “bell” containers were installed on the municipal district to start the differentiated waste recollection (recyclables and non-recyclables) in the first local neighborhood. 
Along with this project an informative campaign of awareness and dissemination of the issue was release among the local neighbors. 

The registration of the Solid Urban Waste Plant in the Provincial Technology Registry was processed in the Provincial Agency for the Sustainable Development of the Province of Buenos Aires (OPDS). Thus, the Municipality can release “Sustainable Destination” certificates for the waste that enters, being the only municipality in the region that can do this.

Translation: Elizabeth León