RAMCC agreed to move forward with 4 annexes to the Agreement signed with the Secretary of Environment of Argentina.


Friday 1st of March, one of the RAMCC delegation, was received by the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina, Sergio Bergman, and their team members Patricia Holzman, Carlos Gentile and Nahuel Muñoz.

On the part of RAMCC assisted the communal presidents of Llambi Campbell (AdriánTagliari), ChañarLadeado, (MatíasDichiara), Soldini (Alejandro Luciani), Villa Eloísa (Mauricio Tartaglini),the mayors of Reconquista, Godoy Cruz (TadeoZalazar), General Alvear(Walther Marcolini), Camilo Aldao(Carlos Carignano),Rauch (Roberto Suescun), and Ricardo Bertolinoand Alejandro Cejas by the Executive Secretary.

After an intense debate about the ways to deepen in the coordinated work between both institutions, it was agreed to expand the existing institutional agreement with 4 annexes that will be submitted to the Assembly of Mayors of RAMCC. This will be due on 14th March in the city of San Lorenzo. The annexeswhich will be arranged in the next days, consider the following topics:

1- To promote the convergence with the Unity of Sustainable Municipalities:

They will work to coordinate that the certified municipalities by the Unity of Secretary of Environment know the objectives and actions that RAMCC develops, and on the other hand,that the municipalities of RAMCC register as sustainable municipalities. Certified municipalities will be trained by the Unity in the arrangement of Inventory of Greenhouse Gases.

2- To cooperate for access to climatic funding (Trust Law and Multilateral Banks).

Both institutions will coordinate their actions in order to apply for funding in international cooperation. The different activities that will carry on include the participation in the Green Climate Fund, that will be proposed for funding soon.

They will also coordinate actions for the Euroclima Plus project for 800.000€. This week that was preselected (we coordinate it with the University of La Plata) by the European Union, and it will allow working on the energetically efficient Public Buildings topic.

3- Forestar 2030:

Actions will be coordinated to promote afforestation in all the municipalities of RAMCC. Secretary can mobilize resources for the installation of a municipal plant nursery and strengthen their activities. A goal of planted trees by 2030 will be set by the municipalities of the network.

4- To participate in COP 24 of Chile:

A delegation of RAMCC will be officially recognized, that will be integrated into the official delegation. A coordinated work of the municipalities with the Secretary will be pursued to propose for those topics that impact the national contributions.

Translator: Alba Alonso