A plan for businesses to reduce the energy consumption has been launched in Rosario.


The removal of subsidies for electric power generated the local entrepreneurs retrace diverse strategies to cope with the change of era. In this framework, the municipality deepened the application of the "Green Seal" program, which aims to raise awareness of the efficient uses of energy, water and resources.

Its managers ensure that there is no need for large investments to achieve a considerable reduction in consumption, thus reinforcing the call to the merchants, who may find an opportunity to optimize costs.

Its managers say that there is no need for large investments to achieve a considerable reduction in consumption, therefore they reinforce the call to the merchants, who can find an opportunity to optimize costs.

During 2018, the municipality worked with around 50 local entrepreneurs who were interested in the program.

The strategy was to carry out an individual follow-up of each of them, making a detailed report of the consumptions and providing a report with recommendations, which can then be taken or not.

As an example, the municipality indicated that a pharmacy in the northern area decreased consumption by 20 percent through the replacement of luminaires with LED technology. "A cultural change is taking place. It is a matter of conviction and coexistence through economically sustainable decisions," said Guillermo, the owner of the premises.

Another case was a security company located in 2300 Catamarca Street . Based on the data relieved, a reduction in consumption of 25 percent was identified thanks to the modification of the central air conditioning system by a system of individual air conditioners in each office.

"Just by making simple changes in daily habits, we can contribute to substantially reducing the consumption of resources without changing the quality of the products or services.With the efficient use of energy, water and resources, we help protect the non-renewable natural resources and we diminish the environmental impact consequent to their generation ", assessed the Undersecretary of Environment, Cecilia Alvarez.

The official remarked the will of the Executive to accompany Rosario’s SMEs, in line with other measures, such as the extension in the authorizations expiration that will reach more than 9,000 stores.

Through the Green Seal program, free technical assistance is given to productive or service companies to carry out a diagnosis and a proposal to achieve a substantial improvement in the energy consumption of each of them, which is generated mostly by lighting, air conditioning and the use of electromechanical machinery.

Those who are interested in participating in the initiative can contact via email to buenaspracticas@rosario.gob.ar


Since September 2018, members of the "Green Seal" program have a line of credits at subsidized rate from the Municipal Bank, which provides financial support to MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) for the development and implementation of innovation projects that improve competitiveness and its productivity, as well as the execution of projects that promote cleaner production and alternative energies. As part of the energy plan on the 13th of this month a group of 70 companies will receive a diploma from the municipality for participating in the "Green Seal".

Translator: Luciana Sulmone