The Correa Commune starts its Climate Action Pla


Developing the Plan is the last stage of the process proposed by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. The signing municipalities agree to prepare a Greenhouse Gases Inventory to be updated every two years, and to outline objectives and strategies to reduce GHG emissions and risks related to extreme climate events.

The Correa Commune has already three inventories, and aims to cover ground with the last two steps this year: outlining the mitigation and adaptation objectives and actions. Some projects already running and future proposals were discussed in the meeting. Amongst them were:

o Composting at the horticultural park “Parque Frutihortícola”

o Replacing luminaires with LED technologies in public spaces

o Installing solar power facilities in parks

o Installing bike stands

o Extending the sewer system

o Incorporating a new well to purify water through reverse osmosis

o Afforestation of peri-urban areas

o Enhancing the value of ravines

o Installing an Early Warning System

o Adding renewable energy technologies in public buildings

Thus, the Correa Commune shows its strong commitment to tackle Climate Change by contributing ideas and efforts, and sets an example to its residents.

Translator: Camila Ledo