Venado Tuerto, one of the seven cities of the country that has a climate action plan


Venado Tuerto is one out of the seven cities of the country that already has a climate action local plan, just like the Argentine Network of Municipalities in the face of Climate Change (RAMCC) consigned,along with Bell Ville (Córdoba), Caseros (Entre Ríos), Godoy Cruz (Mendoza), Guaymallén (Mendoza), Monte Buey (Córdoba) y Villa General Belgrano (Córdoba).

Thanks to the support given by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) through the International Program of Urban Cooperation for Latin America and the Caribbean (IUC-LAC), these seven cities have already defined their lines of work in terms of mitigations and adaptation to the climate change towards the year 2030.

The seven municipalities cover 1 122, 56 km2 of surface, where 629 370 people live. All of them count with an inventory of greenhouse gases (GEI) since 2014, verify by international organizations, and add up to a total of 1 937 489, 41 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

In face to the problematic of climate change, sub national governments have start assuming increasingly active roles to fight it, due to their capacity to influence quickly and efficient the territories
Less gas emissions

To achieve the objectives defined by the Paris agreement, signed on December 2015, is necessary involve all the levels of public administration to take action on reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the climate change.

Also, more than 50 percent of the world population lives in urban areas which gather 70 percent of the global emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and more than 66 percent of global energy consumption.  


With the actions propose, such as street lighting energy efficiency plan, municipal, residential, commercial and industrial buildings, actions related to renewable energies incorporation, mainly solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, transport and residual waste; the seven municipalities committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by the 2030, in regard to the Business as Usual (BAU) reference. In Venado’s case, they committed to reduce 116 975 tCO2e, 20 percent less than BAU scenario.


A few days ago, this medium has informed that “it has been presented, in Venado Tuerto, a mitigation and adaptation program for the climate change, based on an inventory of gases and environmental actions, in which were taken into account the daily activities of citizens lives”.

Based on a study elaborate in 2015 from the Municipal Area of Renewable Energy (Eerr) and Local Development Networks, with amultiplicity of contributions, Venado now has an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, just like the other six cities on the Argentine Republic.

This work was updated a year later and presented through the Argentinean Network of Municipalities in face to the Climate Change (RAMCC), were Venado was part of, before the International Program of Urban Cooperation of the European Union and Latin America, which promotes the exchange of experiences between cities of both continents.

Translation: Elizabeth León