The Concejo Municipal manage to articulate local climate change action plans collaborating with different government organisms.


This was announced during a press release attended by the president of the Council, Gustavo Martínez, the General Director of Environment of the Municipality, Luis Casas; Pablo Alegre, coordinator of the Municipal Environmental Forum; and the member of the technical team of the ‘Red Argentina de Municipios Frente al Cambio Climático’, Florencia Mitchell. Martinez stressed the importance of the creation of the FAM and said that "this process of participation that has had an outstanding wealth, today assumes a new commitment, to compliment the public policy that has already been developed by the Municipal Executive, through the ‘Direccion General de Ambiente’.This has been acquired with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy ".

At the same time,he really appreciates the effort of the Environmental General Director of La Comuna, Luis Casas, for having work hand in hand with the Municipality in projects that will help to improve the environmental capacity of the city.

At the same time, Pablo Alegre the FAM coordinator, remind that together with other institutions, he participated in the creation of the FAM space that has allowed the debate, conclusion and establishment of the Environmental guidelines for the city. This represents regulation of the man with the environment at a municipal level. This has been an unprecedent process for Argentina as well as for South America.

Specific actions to work with the community

Luis Casas was really excited to work with the ‘Red Argentina de Municipios’. FromAprilonwards they are going to start working with the community on a specific taskon a medium term. He also said that once they have the approval of the neighbours to participate in the Foro Ambiental Municipal, they will start approving the city regulations that generate legal support for these policies. After all this process starts it is indispensable to start working to accomplish these policies by 2030 and with the compromise that they last over time.

During this time, the priority will be to show the population that the environmental public policies are written by the government authorities but build for everyone. Luis also remarked that “There is not any Governmental organisation on the earth that is able to control each square meter of surface of the area that they govern. The public policies are the articulation frame of actions that allow us to live better, but is each of us individually who decided to fulfil this policy or not, that’s why people conscientisation is indispensable.

Delimitation of group of goals to diminish Climate Change effects.

Luis Casas highlighted the collaborative work that is been carried on with the Concejo. He also reminded that the collaboration regarding environmental issues started two year ago and that right now they are moving forward and delimitating the group of goals and concrete actions to diminish the effects and adapt to climate change. He also mentioned that from the area that he is in charge of, he will be working together with the Concejo, with the FAM and collaborating with the technical area of the Red Argentina of the Municipality of Climate Change

He also claimed “I will provide the team with experts with technical knowledge and the knowledge of the city characteristics from an environmental point of view. Information of the city has been collected since 2016 so there is a big amount of it, which will help to work on the environmental goals that have been propose and to be able to keep the international founding to implement solutions in the city”

He also reminded to the audience that “the environmental issues are always medium term and the originis always as a part of a public policy strategy as the Concejo ones. In this case most of these environmental issues were taking care though the government.

Florencia Mitchell explained that the Red Argentina de Municipalities to fight against Climate change is formed by 160 municipalities on the country of different sizes where each of them has showed their willing to work in environmental issues and specially fighting against climate change. Since 2017 this people has been showing their willing to work with the environment having gain a lot of attention in an international level.

Something that shows the capacity that the municipalies have to generate changes in a territory level, in particular when this commitment goes hand by hand of concrete actions as the works that are started two years ago wit the Casas team. This information will be used though this year to generate and think in collective actions that allow us to fight against the new scenarios that climate change is creating.

Translator: Marta Mugica