Bernardo Voloj: ‘we have been affected very strongly by this climatic phenomenon’


Mr. Voloj considered that‘we are often responsible for these events but even though we blame the natural falling of a tree’. He alsorelated this event to the regular maintenance procedures to the drainage system of Resistencia.

‘This Monday, the authorities of the Municipality declared a new alert’, said Mr Voloj in front of the announcement of a forecasted storm that should arrive between tonight and tomorrow Tuesday, ‘with possible fall of hail and thunderstorms’.

The Municipal officer added that ‘the Municipal emergency protocol has been activated’ as well as measures such as advancing the collectionof rubbish in the night shift. In addition, Mr Voloj says ‘we recommend to not circulate on streets that may be waterlogged’.

As for the storm that has occurred in the last hours, Mr Voloj manifested that ‘we had almost 140 trees fallen due to gusts of 120 km/hr’. He also specified that ‘there were old trees which have fallen, especially in the micro and macro centre. Likewise, in neighbourhoods where there are younger trees’.

According to Mr Voloj: ‘the tree is not the issue. The problem might be in the maintenance of the trees, that mayincludeclandestine pruningor the undermining in the tree base, thus the specimen gets exposed. Therefore, with these conditions, trees are prone to fall when the wind exceeds 100 km/hr’.

Mr. Voloj made know that ‘we have been working in the pruning and maintenance since 2018’. However, he markedthat ‘many times we are responsible for the fall of a tree, but we use to blame the tree itself’.

Mr. Voloj recommended that ‘people should stay away from the risk areas such as squares and green areas. We have been facing about 900 mm of precipitation in two months. We are being affected very strongly by this climatic phenomenon’; adding that ‘there is a high instability in the weather until April’, perhaps all this is ‘associated with Climate Change. It is time to start thinking about and diagramming this type of phenomena’.

This event had concepts linked to the maintenance works of the drainage system of Resistencia such as in ‘the Soberanía Canal, which affects the neighbourhoods of the south zone when it overflows. The Quijano Canal is another example, especially when it has been dirtied. And then, there is the 16 Canal that affects the west zone of the city’.

‘The Municipality works hard on cleaning the secondary canals or collectors. The lagoons are also an important element since they are the natural reservoirs of the city’; hence, Mr Voloj recommended ‘do not throw rubbish in these places or in the storm mouths’.

Translator: Javiera Beatriz Céspedes Tapia