A yearning of regional scope the municipality of Trenque Lauquen has satisfied: the pyrolytic oven is now in town.


The oven was acquired from the INCOL company, based in San Martín, Buenos Aires province.

The sub-secretary of Public Services, Adhemar Enrietti, gave details saying that “assembling it fully will require five days; now it’s going to be the mechanical assembly. Then the representatives of the company will fetch the electric board and the computed part of the oven, which has many sensors that work on automatic mode. The electronic equipment is expected to arrive next week to finish assembling.”      

Meanwhile, Camuzzi will have to approve the construction drawings of the natural gas connection from the street to the oven, and the safety measures of the equipment. That procedure could take between a week and ten days. Afterwards, the MEGA Ingeniería company, which won the bidding process and already has the combustion plans of the oven, will make the connection and will install two gas regulating stations, a work that could take a period of up to 35 days approximately.

Once all these steps have been taken, the new pyrolytic oven should be working by late March, ready to carry out the final disposal of the pathogenic wastes of the Trenque Lauquen district. 
The Municipality made also an investment close to 1,900,000 pesos in the structure that will contain the pyrolytic oven and which is 16 by 20 covered meters (329 mts2) with an industrial gas connection and an industrial electric system.

Furthermore, it has two gates, a height of 5 to 7 meters and also offices and a control room. 320 square meters are shed and 25 are offices. There are two yards for washing and receiving vehicles, of 220 square meters each. And to all this a walk-in freezer will be attached in order to protect the waste in case of any contingency. 
The oven was acquired through the public bidding no. 5/16. The investment back then was of 3.6 million pesos and the construction of the building required 1.9 million pesos. On top of that, 900 thousand pesos were added to buy the pipes for installing the services.

Even though the service will start working with the wastes from Hogar Marcelo Castella (“Marcelo Castella House”) and from the Hospital Municipal “Pedro T. Orellana” (“Pedro T. Orellana Municipal Hospital”), in the future it is expected to provide the service to private parties and then, to incinerate the pathogenic wastes from the Pellegrini, Salliqueló, Tres Lomas, Carlos Tejedor, Guaminí and Rivadavia districts, and this way it will be fulfilled the agreement signed by the mayor of each district to establish the first consortium on this subject in the province of Buenos Aires.   

The agreement establishes also that the Pellegrini district will be the one responsible for the logistics and the collection trucks that will go around each city to bring the wastes to the Centro de Operaciones (“Operations Center”) of Trenque Lauquen. And it is estimated that each municipality will save at least the 50% of the current expense on this item, which at the moment is outsourced to a private company operating in a monopolistic fashion in provincial territory.

The Prolim had two pyrolytic ovens that were acquired in 1995, i.e., 24 years ago. They were repaired on several occasions and their life cycle expired many years ago. These ovens are used for the treatment of pathologic waste from hospitals, such as syringes, used gloves, blood remains, fluids, contaminated sharp elements and any material that was in contact with potentially pathogen microorganisms. With incineration it is achieved the total elimination of germs and toxins without damaging the environment since the remaining ashes after the process are sterile and innocuous.     
Setting the pyrolytic oven to work is one of the key aspects in the context of the Polo Ambiental Integral (“Comprehensive Environmental Pole”) project that the Municipality started in 2016 and intends to develop during the years to come.  

In the Polo Ambiental Integral they will set up different municipal undertakings related to the division and order of urban solid wastes and bringing them up to code for commercialization, as well as initiatives related to research and development. 

Enrietti mentioned this Tuesday morning in Las Radios (“The Radios”) of Trenque Lauquen (AM 1280 and FM 88.5) that “it will be the only oven approved by the OPDS [Organismo Provincial para el Desarrollo Sostenible – “Province Agency for Sustainable Development”] in Trenque Lauquen. None of the ovens used in the city ever had this agency’s authorization.”

Translator: Gisel Presno