The Municipality of Salta planted more than 380 trees this year.


The Municipality of Salta, through the Secretariat of Environment and Public Services, advances with the reforestation works to face climate change, increasing the placement of plants in various areas of the city. On this occasion, a total of 63 plants were planted.

This week were planted 13 trees of tarco, crepe, pink lapacho, lapachillo and cow paw in the plaza located in the Grand Bourg neighborhood between Lacroze and Libertador avenues.

The same actions were carried out in the Islas Malvinas neighborhood square, in which foresters were restored and the flowerbeds of the plants were prepared.
In the neighborhood El Cambio were placed 50 trees of  pink lapacho, ibirá pitá, jabonero, tarcos and guarán.

The amount of 386 trees were planted this year in the following sectors: Av. Perón, Juan Pablo II, Corredor de la Fe, Área Centro, Grand Bourg, El Cambio and Av. Bolivia. This type of environmental actions allow the beautification of the green spaces of the City and  also collaborate with the rescue of the environment.

There are many preventive and corrective measures like this that are being taken by the Government, with the purpose of guaranteeing a better quality of life both to Salta residents and tourists who are in the area.

Translator: Ana María Blanco