The municipality of Salliqueló began to structure its Climate Action Plan.


Within the framework of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, the signatory municipalities undertake to present a Local Climate Action Plan within three years. This must be based on an Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and on an assessment of climate risk and vulnerabilities, which make up the diagnosis of the current situation of the municipality.

These elements serve to define the set of actions that local authorities will carry out to achieve their objectives. The Plans are also conceived as management tools that must be monitored and verified periodically in order to clearly know the degree of progress in the proposed actions and the gaps that remain to be filled. In addition, they can and should be reformulated as the implementation process progresses in order to incorporate modifications that reflect the municipal dynamics without losing sight of the proposed objectives and, in all cases, to make them more ambitious.

In Argentina there are already 7 Municipalities that have this Plan and work is being done so that others can advance in this issue, and from today, Thursday, our Municipality will take a very important step in this matter.

Faced with the problem of climate change, sub-national governments are assuming more and more leading roles to combat it because of their ability to impact quickly and efficiently in the territories. In order to achieve the objectives defined in the Paris Agreement in December 2015, it is necessary for all levels of public administration to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

With the elaboration of the Local Climate Action Plan, our Municipality would obtain its third certification issued by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, an international organization that proposes, plans and works for the reduction of greenhouse gases taking as a target the year 2030.

Once this Local Plan is concluded, the third certification would be achieved and with it the possibility of accessing external sources of financing to fund projects aimed at reducing these types of gases. Among the projects promoted by the municipality are the placement of Led Luminaries and the incentive to the practice of Agroecology. Today throughout the morning the RAMCC will meet with the different heads of area to work on the development of this Plan.

Translator: Jiovih Augustave