Fight against Climate Change: they appeal to the municipalities’growing role.


Through the activity, they informed about possible action lines intended for mobilizing resources that would facilitate the elaboration of mitigation programmes and adaptation to Climate Change at a local level. The opening of the event was incharge of Valdomiro Dos Santos, mayor of San Vicente, Juan Manuel Díaz, Misiones’ Ecology minister, and Sergio Lanziani, Misiones’ Energy minister.

“The countries are not doing enough commitment”, specialists warned during a workshop about climatic project funding which was celebrated in San Vicente. As explained to the 60 agents from twelve municipalities of Misiones, Argentina doesn’t have an entity that works as an intermediary to request and supervise the available funds at an international level. That’s why they pursue that municipalities make networks to access to these credits, like the Green Fund for the Climate which was created in 2015 in the context of the signing of the Paris Agreement (COP 21).

“The assumed commitments by the countries are not enough and that’s why municipalities are now involved in”, warned Emanuel Ayala, Environmental Engineer member of the technical team of “Red Argentina de Municipios para el Cambio Climático” (RAMCC). The intention is to start working directly with municipalities and for that purpose, networks are being created. He emphasized that in Misiones there is only one municipality at the moment that has started the process of “Planning against Climate Change” through the elaboration of their own inventory of greenhouse gases: Puerto Piray.

The engineer Juan Emilio Bragado, from Cambium Foundation, explained “Climatic Change, Evidence and future scenarios in a local context”. In this context, he alerted about the future of humankind if we don’t take any action immediately. “There is a reality that can’t be denied, we are in a transcendental time and the fight for the Climate has to be a State policy that transcends political ideologies”, he proclaimed.

A local play

The municipalities play a key role in the fight against Climatic Change. The engineer Ayala highlighted that local authorities “have to appropriate (of the fight against Climatic Change) and bring it in to their territories. Nine thousand cities signed a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. We work until 2030 and there is funding for specific actions that would help to decrease emissions. Municipalities are now taking actions with their own resources, but if we receive external funding, actions would have a greater impact. If we want to look for funding, we ought to have a diagnose of the municipality to know what we have and what we are going to do”, he emphasized.

Translator: Alba Alonso