Increase in the number of Municipalities that have joined RAMCC and which receive international recognition.


These were elaborated by the municipal team and supported by the technical team of the Executive Secretary of RAMCC. In this way obtaining, two of the four stamps from the process proposed by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, organism which depends on the United Nations.

In this way, the commitment to its axes in mitigation and adaptation (Commitment) invites the localities to take on the responsibility of facing climate change through GHG emissions reduction.
Furthermore, the measure stamps (Inventory), counts with an CO2 emissions inventory and threats report. Both are the two first steps out of four, recognized by the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.

What’s next:

After the approval of the first two stamps, the objectives planning of GHGs reduction and the vulnerability measures goes on.

The third stamp and the possibility of elaborating a Local Plan of Climate Action to execute the fulfillment of the objectives to reduce CO2 emissions, in this way collaborating with the national commitment for 2030 and adopting an integral approach to address mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

RAMCC today:

Since 2017 RAMCC is the National Coordinator of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, in this way becoming a technical instrument of support for local governments, offering tools which allow them to reach a sustainable development model.

In relation to it, today we count with 70 financed inventories from which 62 haven been revised by the international organism above mentioned, and 23 are in the ongoing process.

List of municipalities that received the recognition:

Provincia de Buenos Aires
• Bragado
• Carlos Tejedor
• Chacabuco
• Colón
• General Viamonte
• Guaminí
• Las Flores
• Lobos
• Olavarría
• Rivadavia
• Saliqueló
• San Antonio de Areco
• San Isidro
• San Miguel

Provincia del Chaco
• Resistencia

Provincia de Córdoba
• Arias
• Bell Ville
• Camilo Aldao
• Córdoba capital
• Cosquín
• Cruz Alta
• Inriville
• Los Reartes
• Los Surgentes
• Monte Buey
• Río Cuarto
• Villa General Belgrano

Provincia de Entre Ríos

• Caseros
• Herrera
• Nogoyá
• Paraná

Provincia de Mendoza
• General Alvear
• Godoy Cruz
• Guaymallén
• Mendoza

Provincia de Neuquén
• San Martin de los Andes
• Villa Pehuenia

Provincia de Rio Negro
• San Carlos de Bariloche

Provincia de Salta
• Salta Capital

Provincia de San Luis
• Juana Koslay
• Potrero de los Funes

Provincia de Santa Fe
• Armstrong
• Arteaga
• Carcarañá
• Casilda
• Centeno
• Chabás
• Chañar Ladeado
• Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz
• Coronel Domínguez
• Correa
• Los Molinos
• Malabrigo
• Monte Vera
• Pérez
• Rafaela
• Rosario
• San Carlos Sud
• Soldini
• Totoras
• Uranga
• Venado Tuerto

Provincia de Tucumán
• Tafí Viejo