Sandro Badilla welcomed the Executive Secretary of the Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change (RAMCC), Ricardo Bertolino


The meeting focused on the works that RAMCC makes with Argentine municipalities. Bertolino highlighted that Villa Pehuenia Moquehue achieved its second seal on its Greenhouse Gas Inventory, which shall allow to work on further actions for decreasing the impact of greenhouse gases.

Another topic dealt with was a recent agreement with the UN to advance a project of district heating and of financing possibilities for several projects.

The Network is comprised by 160 Argentine municipalities, and its goal is to execute projects and programs related to the mitigation of and the adaptation to climate change, by mobilizing local, national and international resources.

Villa Pehuenia Moquehue works with RAMCC, and with the network's support, has a wider access to financing sources for implementing actions tending to decrease the risks inherent to climate change.

Sandro Badilla, Mayor of Villa Pehuenia Moquehue, said that "RAMCC is the first Latin American network on climate change. The Net, comprised by 160 Argentine municipalities, provides technical support on climate change projects and programs. Villa Pehuenia Moquehue has a longstanding partnership with RAMCC, and it is our responsibility to continue working on environmental protection."

By its incorporation to the Network, the Municipality holds its commitment on working on this important issue, and collaborates with actions such as field data gathering for the Greenhouse Gas Inventory and presenting topic-related projects. The goal is that the Municipality has a Climate Action Plan in which the actions on mitigation of and adaption to climate change by 2030 are defined.


Climate change is the main challenge faced by humanity. This phenomenon is caused mainly by the continuous increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, which stem mainly from human activities.

The Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change (RAMCC) is an instrument for the coordination and impulse of local public policies on the fight against climate change in Argentine towns and cities.

Translator: Emiliano Estevarena