Bike lanes in Avellaneda: a modern, safe and sustainable system.


“We have worked on this ambitious project,which we are now concluding, in stages. As a modern city, we encourage the use of the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport and with that in mind, we wanted to secure a safe cycling lane”, said the mayor making particular reference to kids who go to school by bike.

Among the benefits of this initiative, the Mayor also highlightedbiking as form of exercise that consistently improves the quality of life of the community.


The program involves the interconnection of bike lanes built in the Fitness Station with the current ones in the area of Don Pedro neighborhood, goingoverthe new roundabout. These lanes connect then with the parallel track to the National Route 11. The latter finally connects with the stretch of 21st street up to the Industrial Park.
Scarpinexpressed that the bidding process is already open for the stretch that is intended on 21st street from Route 11 to Belgrano and Cooperación neighborhood, being also possible to use the bike lane on the route to get to Reconquista.

The mayor claimed that the construction of the bike lane in Paseo del Autódromo, which enables to connect the west side of the city with the center along 115th street, has been completed. Besides, there are plans for a stretch on Circunvalación Av. and the side of the high bridge that is left.

Translator: María Sol Laurent