The city of Rafaela promotes new ways of environmentally friendly food production and healthy eating.


In 2018, the Institute for the Sustainable Development of the Rafaela municipalitybegan to work on different challenges related with the production of local food, which implies the coordination of different actors to get results in the long term. To that end, training was given to both producers and neighbours, and local enterprises were promoted together with the Undersecretary of Social Economy and Employment.

Reaching producers and neighbours with training and strengthen the local entrepreneursare some of the achievements that are being reached. To completethese goals the compromise of different institutions and other agencies and entrepreneurs are required.

Workshops in vegetable gardens and compost

Together with the program ‘Rafaela enAcción’, seven sectors of the municipality were involved in vegetable gardens and compost workshops. More than 400 neighbourslearned about the importance of house gardens and the transformation of organic waste to compost. People showed a high level of interested in the workshop and a second level will be implemented in 2019.

The Engineer Eduardo Cerdá visited Rafaela

On the Sociedad Rural installations of Rafaela in June a Technical Workshop about Agroecology production was held, around 60 participants were involved. These participants were mostly producers or professional trying to learn and put in practice new production models. In addition, the engineer Eduardo Cerdáexplained some practical cases with qualitative data that showed how the use of plant protection products can be reduced. Some of those methods have been awarded by the FAO.

Fair since the beginning

Two fairs were held with local entrepreneurs of organic products. More than 2000 people attended, which shows a clear demand from society for this type of food. This allowed us to show and let people know about different vegetable gardens and productions that are generating food. This action has the support of the Rural Society of Rafaela.

Working meetings to discuss regulation

In 2018 the ISDR handedto the Consejo Municipal a document with possible economic activities to develop in environmentally protected areas in Rafaela. In this framework,the government started to get in touch with neighbours, producers, environmentalists, as well as provincial and national institutions (INTA). The IDSR is working on a new regulation where all the people involved are represented.

Translator: Marta Mugica