The Municipality of San Isidro planted rosewoods along Del Libertador Ave.


After the preventive thinning works to avoid accidents in the peaks of the rosewood of the Del Libertador Avenue, the Municipality of San Isidro faces the second stage of the tasks that consists in planting the same trees between Roque Sáenz Peña and Paraná.

"The work of correction of the point was necessary to avoid accidents such as motorcyclists and pedestrians and to preserve and care for the species. In this new stage we are concentrating on replanting specimens that were extracted because of their bad conditions, their inclination or those that fell due to heavy rain, in total we will plant about 10 rosewoods" said Alejandro Sencio, general manager of Arbolado Urbano.

The rosewood plantation will soon reach 60 specimens along Avenida Del Libertador.

Translator: Ana María Blanco