RAMCC participated in the meeting of "Cities and regions for development cooperation".


The representatives of local and regional governments, consultants, academics and specialists of the subject traveled from the 5 continents to share their experiences and make recommendations to the European Union on the next way stoen hance to promote sustainable urban development. 

RAMCC was invited by the European Union for be ingintegrated in more than 150 local governments, and to work on issues that aim to development. In RAMCC representation traveled Ricardo Bertolino, executive director.

The activities were attended by important officials from the organizing entity and numerous mayors from the 80 countries present.

The dynamics were organized in five topics:
• Good governance (Partnership )
• Social dimension of urban development (Population)
• Ecologically friendly and resilient cities (Planet )
• Prosperous and innovative cities (Prosperity )
• Inclusive and safe cities (Peace)

The closingwas in charge of the Romanian diplomat George Ciamba, delegate Minister for European Affairs, former Ministerof Foreign Affairs, Barbara Duden, CIVEX Committee’s president of the European Committee of the Regions and Carla Montesi, director of Planet and Prosperity of International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission.

Translation: Elizabeth León