The municipality of Morón has joined the Argentine Municipality Network Against Climate Change.


For this very reason the RAMCC’s Chief Executive, Ricardo Bertolino, visited the Urban Natural Reserve alongside Morón’s Managerial Undersecretary, Natalín Faravelli, and councilor Romina Fusco.

The authorities present exchanged experiences, and planned joint operations regarding the environment. They went through the different sectors of the reserve, among which were the earliest greenhouse in the Reserve and a library built entirely with recyclable materials in cooperation with students from the Universidad de Morón [Morón University]. Bertolino is the Coordinator for Sustainability Policies in Rosario (Santa Fe Province).

“We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, and we seize this opportunity to let you know how it is we work on protecting the environment, as well as map out future working lines that continue to strengthen the area. As our Mayor points out, it is important to gain the daily commitment of the locals, which is why we collaborate to make it a reality”, noted Faravelli.

In November, the current licensed councilor took part in the tour to the Old Continent undertaken by Tagliaferro, where they were promised financial support from the European Union to develop an early warning system against possible storms like the one that took place on Tuesday.

Translator: Rosario Soubrié