In 2018, the municipality of San Isidro added 1000 waste containers to their streets.


It reached an overall figure of 6800, which makes it one of the municipalities to have the most waste containers distributed along the streets and public spaces in all its areas.

‘We have also added vertical and smaller containers to public schools with our project called Clase Verde (Green Class) as well as two ecopoints (Villa Adelina and San Isidro), which are the colorful containers consisting of eight divisions, where the residents who separate waste at their homes can throw it away by sorting it’, said Leandro Martín, undersecretary of the Public Space department.

Another program with a positive outcome was the differentiated waste collection program implemented in the neighborhood called Santa Rica ( the residents sort their waste, then they're given a yellow bag for them to put in the recyclable waste and to be collected by local staff on Saturdays). It will also be extended to other district areas.

‘In 2018 we recovered a monthly average of 1225 tons, resulting from garden waste shredding machines and 400 PET tons’, pointed out Leandro Martín.

Another accomplishment-he went on- was the reduction of the waste (2300 tons) thrown away to Ceamse landfills, which means significant savings for the municipality.

‘Our ultimate goal is to help the auxiliary of San Isidro’s Public Maternity and Children’s Hospital with what has been raised from our recycling plan so that they can continue to incorporate cutting edge technology’, the official concluded.

Translator: Belén Dorna