General Belgrano Village: A year of agro-ecologicalfairs, a year of healthyfood.


Theinitiative - whichis a yearold - promotestheproduction and consumption of agro ecologicalfood, a progressiveworkthatdemandsanoutstandingeffortsfrom local and regional producers to approach a form of productiondifferentfromtheconventionalonethatexploitthegroundwithoutmeasuringitscatastrophicconsequences.

In addition, thefairestablishthere to encouragetheassociativism and thesmallproducers social economy. Generatingalso a new space to propose new ideas, forms of production, commercialisation and care to theenviroment and health.

The Municipal Governmentgreetsthefairexhibitors and visitorswhoeveryfridaybetontheconsumption of healthyfood and natural itemsselling. A jointachievementbetweentheexhibitors and theMunicipalityGovernmentthanks to anagreementsign in december 2017 thatopenedthepossibility to deepenourhealthymunicipalitypolicy.

Translator: Elizabeth Leon.